Monday, June 16, 2008

Eight EASY Ways to Cut Your Energy Bill this Summer!

Here are some great, easy tips from to start reducing your electric bill as the heat waves approach your home.

With summer finally kicking into gear across the country, you can almost hear the gentle hum of air conditioners ratcheting up. And with it, climbs home energy bills.

These days, the average household spends $1,900 annually on energy (based on electricity and gas usage), according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). But much of that, say energy conservationists, is money wasted.

The good news: Cutting back doesn't mean you need to be a tree-hugging naturalist, suffering stoically as you read by candlelight. These days, you can do right by the environment and your pocketbook—without any major lifestyle sacrifices. In fact, by taking some relatively painless steps, you can cut your bills by one-third or more.

Here are eight easy ways to save this summer (including a few tips that will work year-round).

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